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The company that I work for pays for it’s most productive employees to take a 4-day trip to a resort every summer, and they’re more than happy to pick up the tab on pretty much everything we need or want while we’re there–food, drinks, a shopping allowance, all kinds of stuff. But I wonder what my boss would think if he knew that this year he also footed the bill for me to fuck this hot black escort in my hotel suite? All I can say is, if he doesn’t like it, then FUCK HIM!!! I came across this ebony babe at the hotel pool, she propositioned me, and it only takes one look at her to know that she’s worth every penny! She had the tightest, hottest little black pussy, and she sucked cock like a professional black porn star at her best! You can see me pound this ebony pussy at Round N’ Brown, and get your interracial fuck on!

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